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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Just don’t call it a church

Meet the Nobel-nominated priest who rescues African refugees from Mediterranean
Religion News Service: The Rev. Mussie Zerai, a 40-year-old Roman Catholic priest from tiny Eritrea, has moved to help migrants trapped in the North African deserts and rickety wooden boats drifting across the sea. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded to the National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia.

Changes in college chapel, which sparked Christian outrage, came from Christian minister
Chronicle of Higher Education: Changes in the interior design of a campus chapel at Wichita State University — lambasted in some online circles as the work of Muslim students — were, in fact, suggested by Christian staff members and students.

Why religion still matters
Christian Science Monitor: While headlines often decry the “dechurching of America,” and experts talk about the country becoming more secular, people are going to church – and embracing religion – in numbers that defy popular perceptions.

Over pastor's objections, First African Baptist added to city's historic register The Rev. Terrence Griffith, who wants to sell the building to developers, said the choice was whether to save the church or save the congregation. He said the church has already spent too much money repairing the old building and can’t afford to keep investing in it in the future.

‘It's a gift!’ Inside America's miraculous new center for arts and faith
The Guardian: Japanese architects Sanaa get spiritual with the sublime $83 million Grace Farms center for arts, faith and justice in New Canaan, Connecticut, which is backed by a hedge fund manager. Just don’t call it a church.

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