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Friday, October 2, 2015

California on right-to-die bill

Investigators of Oregon shooting seek answers as victims are mourned
The New York Times: As people mourned the victims and comforted the survivors, investigators tried to piece together why a gunman went on a shooting rampage at a community college in rural southern Oregon.

Vatican distances Pope Francis from Kentucky clerk Kim Davis
Crux: Facing mounting controversy over a meeting between Pope Francis and Kim Davis last week, the Vatican said the pontiff did not intend the encounter as a form of support for her case “in all its particular and complex aspects.”

California governor faces final call on right-to-die bill
Religion News Service: California Gov. Jerry Brown has until midnight Oct. 7 to sign or veto a controversial bill that would legalize physician-assisted dying in the nation's most populous state.

Women in the world of the pope
Baptist News Global: Surely the marginalization of women in the church requires sustained attention, says Molly T. Marshall.

Francis and Trump: opposites competing for the American soul
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Donald Trump and Pope Francis are incarnations of the kind of power to which they appeal. To choose between them is to make a basic human decision about the shape of a worthy life.

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