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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Messiah made a "mistake" for good reason

Spirited Life
When Jesus Got the Bible Wrong
The Messiah made a "mistake" for good reason.
Andrew Wilson
All of us are tempted on occasion to approach biblical tensions—texts that seem to contradict each other—in flippant or offhand ways. At one end of the spectrum are skeptics who reduce tensions to textual incoherence and human invention... continue reading >>

The One Percent: Why So Few Pastors Quit A 'Brutal Job'
How 1,500 ministers feel about their past pulpits and current churches.
Lisa Cannon Green - Facts & Trends
I'm a Feminist. How Come My Boys Are Such Boys?
What raising sons taught this egalitarian mom about gender.
Rachel Marie Stone
Oklahoma Wesleyan and Union U. Quit CCCU Over Same-Sex Marriage Moves
(UPDATED) In three weeks, council will decide status of Eastern Mennonite University and Goshen College.
Bob Smietana
The Exchange
Exploring Evangelicalism: The Southern Baptist Convention
Dr. Frank Page, President and CEO of the Southern Baptist Convention explains their distinctives and some misconceptions.
Ed Stetzer
The Exchange
Morning Roundup 9/1/15
Arminianism; Planned Parenthood Protests; Animal Welfare
Ed Stetzer
Ligonier Suspends R. C. Sproul Jr. over Ashley Madison Visit
Reformed leader admits accessing adultery website 'in a moment of weakness, pain, and from an unhealthy curiosity.'
Timothy C. Morgan
A Christian College President Falls
Video of apparent affair surfaces as Christian higher education leaders are debating sexual ethics standards.
Bob Smietana
The Behemoth
The World's Most Astonished Atheist: C.S. Lewis's Wife
The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed Joy Davidman's worldview, too.
Abigail Santamaria
School's Still Out for Summer as Israeli Christians Protest 'Death Strike'
Discriminatory state funding cuts lead 48 schools to stay shut. Leaders pledge: 'We will not back off until we receive our full rights.'
Timothy C. Morgan
Speaking Out
What Kind of Faith Helped People Survive Hurricane Katrina?
A key predictor of resilience is a person's actively engaged faith. There's more to it than just being 'religious.'
Jamie Aten

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