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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Religious history complicated in communist Cuba

Religious history complicated in communist Cuba
USA Today: Little by little, religion has made a comeback in recent years on the island of 11 million people.

Dissolving the Anglican communion would simply be a recognition of reality
The (London) Guardian: The archbishop of Canterbury proposes to loosen the communion's ties. Since it hasn't really existed for three decades, that seems sensible, says Andrew Brown.

Will we listen to Pope Francis?
National Catholic Reporter: What effect the pope's visit might have, in a sense, all comes down to whether we will listen to him or not. There are a number of barriers in the way of our really hearing what the pope says.

Clergy are people too
Phoenixville (Penn.) Reporter & Item: Distracting socks, wrong-color towels in the restroom, unscrambled eggs and other complaints that clergy receive from parishioners.

Give Me Sex Jesus: young evangelicals' struggles with sex and church teaching
The (London) Guardian: A new documentary casts a critical eye on the purity culture within evangelical Christianity.

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