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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pastors, Power, and Prettiness

Past Imperfect
The Justice-Forward Salvation Army
Combined with evangelism, it's a heady combination.
David Neff
In the late 1990s, evangelicals began to wake up to the breadth and brutality of sex trafficking. But one group was way ahead of everyone else. The Salvation Army has a history of fighting sex trafficking that stretches back to 1881... continue reading >>

Pastors, Power, and Prettiness
When good compliments go bad.
Movie Review
The Walk
The film is flawed, but the wire walk makes it all worth it.
The Exchange
Community Matters: Resourcing Transformational Small Groups
What does your small group study? How do you decide?
Russell Wilson, Ciara, and Who Else Is Not Having Sex
The answer might surprise you.
Movie Review
The Intern
A conventional film that explores gender in 21st century America in a surprisingly mature way.
The CT Interview
How Christian Institutions Can Stay Christian Amid Secular Pressure
Legal experts Stephen Monsma and Stanley Carlson-Thies say religious and secular organizations should enjoy equal freedom to live out their convictions.
Strike Ends After 27 Days, Christian Schools in Israel Reopen
Ministry of Education commits to $12.5 million funding increase for one year only.
Under Discussion
Can the Baker, the Florist, the Photographer, and the Clerk Win?
Experts weigh in on religious liberty challenges to same-sex marriage.
I Don't Want Your Good Vibes. I Want Prayer.
There's no substitute for our communion with the Father.

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