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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ignatius Insight - TUESDAY, September 8, 2015

TUESDAY, September 8, 2015 | Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

ESSAYS and POSTS about the Synod, Pope Francis, annulments, Kentucky, conscience, rights, marriage, synod vs. council, priests, and much more!

The Rigging of a Vatican Synod? | Edward Pentin | The release of the “explosive” interim report during last year’s synod provoked allegations of a rigged process--but that was just the beginning. An exclusive excerpt from a new investigation into what went on at the headline-making meeting of bishops.

Expedited annulment process focuses on speed, role of local bishops | CNA | Pope Francis stresses new reforms “do not favor the nullifying of marriages but the promptness of the processes.”

The Gnostic Christ fails, the True Christ heals | Carl E. Olson | How do you know the gnostic writings provide us with a less historically accurate depiction of Jesus than the Gospels?

Conscience Clash and Double Standards in Kentucky | Dr. Randall B. Smith | Mere sloth or personal corruption is something people live with all the time; it’s the moral challenge that people can’t tolerate.

First the Kentucky clerk; now the Oregon judge? | Carl E. Olson | Further proof the Reign of Gay is the very essence of unreasonable "thinking"; it will not allow for any appeal to conscience, or even attempts to somehow have a position of neutrality.

Kentucky and the confusion over "rights" and "beliefs" | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | The word “belief” is not the appropriate word for marriage; marriage is a fact, not a “belief”.

Catholic Workers, Labor Unions, and Benedict XVI's Caritas in Veritate | Fr. George E. Schultze, SJ | Some Labor Day observations about the recent contract negotiations between the San Francisco Archdiocese and its unionized Catholic high school teachers.

Finding the Good in Non-Marital Unions? | Stephan Kampowski | To what extent can those in non-marital unions—including those who live together before marriage—be considered to be “on the path” to sacramental marriage?

Public Order, Identity, and the Church | James Kalb | Like the rest of liberal modernity, the current understanding of identity won’t last because it’s ultimately irrational and self-defeating.

Popularity and the Pope | Russell Shaw | Francis will undoubtedly address a wide range of topics in his visit to the U.S.; hopefully, religious freedom and secular ideology will be among those topics.

Marriage in Our Contemporary World: Pastoral Observations from an African Perspective | John Cardinal Onaiyekan | An exclusive excerpt from Eleven Cardinals Speak on Marriage and the Family: Essays from a Pastoral Viewpoint.

The Lewis Society and the genuine enjoyment of rational disagreement | Holly Ordway | The collected essays in C.S. Lewis and His Circle demonstrate the importance of lively debate and robust discussion of serious questions.

A Synod Is Not a Council--and Other Canonical Facts | David Salvato | Vatican II instituted the Synod of Bishops in order to provide, more adequately and more effectively, for the increase of the Faith and the maintenance of discipline in the particular Churches.

The Radical Assault on Marriage and Family, from Karl Marx to Justice Kennedy | Carl E. Olson | An interview with Dr. Paul Kengor, author of Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage.

"Ex Corde Ecclesia" and "Donum Veritatis": Twenty-Five Years After | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | Though many academics put up a firestorm of controversy over having a mandatum when Pope John Paul II wrote "Ex Corde Ecclesia" in 1990, their objections are utterly silly and juvenile.

Catholic Men Need Priests Who Will Lead | Matthew James Christoff | A recent survey shows many Catholic men are ready to engage more deeply in the Faith—when priests make a commitment to actively evangelize them.

Four Responses to the “What About Infertility?” Argument | Ryan T. Anderson | Proponents of same-sex marriage regard this argument as a “silver bullet” that destroys the traditional understanding of marriage—but they’re mistaken.

Why the German Bishops are Wrong about Abstinence for “Remarried” Catholics | Stephan Kampowski | The second part of an essay examining the theological arguments put forward for the readmission of the divorced and civilly remarried to Communion.

The Consistent--and Not So Seamless--Ethic of Life | Dr. Samuel Gregg | Archbishop Blaise Cupich's appeal to Cardinal Bernardin's "seamless garment" approach to ethics is flawed on several counts, including a failure to acknowledge the primacy of the laity in pursuing good public policy.

Closed-Door Discussions are Published, and a Synod Storm Gathers | Mary Jo Anderson | Proceedings of an un-publicized series of workshops at the Vatican earlier this year reveal controversial conversations taking place ahead of this fall’s Synod on the Family.


Living the truth in love: The director of Courage on homosexuality and the synod | Kerri Lenartowick | Fr. Paul Check discusses his hopes and concerns for the upcoming Synod on the Family.

Apostolate in the Civilization of the Image | David Warren | Could it be that inherent in our modern methods of communication, even in the structure of our language, there is a way of speaking, or a means of communication, that inhibits the Gospel message?

First Chapter: Everywhere in Chains | | Read the opening chapter of Everywhere in Chains, James Casper's highly thought-provoking, sometimes amusing and always life-affirming novel.

Extremists execute the unborn, Christians seek truth and justice | Carl E. Olson | The White House says David Daleiden and the CMP are "extremists on the right"; Daleiden, a 26-year-old Catholic, says he's inspired by Pope Francis.

Is Sex Meaningless? The Reply of Catholic Teaching | Patrick Lee | Catholics need to understand and be able to articulate clearly four basic points of Christian teaching on marriage and sexuality.

Faramir’s Rangers and the 21st-century Church | Thomas M. Doran | Today, we don’t know whether the Western democracies will keep drifting away from faith and virtue, or if a turning will occur.

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