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Thursday, September 17, 2015

How to stay sane in church

The Archbishop of Canterbury: dissolving the Anglican Church to save it
The Atlantic: Justin Welby will reportedly try to preserve the group of churches, shaken by fights over homosexuality, by loosening its ties.

What some papal pundits get wrong about the polls -- and why
Religion News Service: Have we hit “Peak Pope” even before he arrives for his first-ever U.S. trip? Is the honeymoon finally over? Actually, no. Or at least not yet.

Crux: This pope is keeping hope for change alive

How to stay sane in church
Christian Today: Before you know it, your church life becomes an endless list of chores that drain your energy and your sanity.

Religion and jazz
Erasmus: Jazz's long road to religious respectability

Wesley United Methodist, city at odds over camping on church grounds
La Crosse (Wisc.) Tribune: City officials say that allowing homeless people to sleep overnight in a UMC church's courtyard violates city ordinances, but pastor counters that the case is a matter of religious liberty.

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