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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Today's Headlines - August 26, 2015

U.S. cardinal, former head of Vatican's doctrine-enforcing arm, is charged with drunken driving
Washington Post: One of the Catholic Church's most senior U.S. leaders, who recently led the Vatican's doctrine-enforcing arm, was arrested and charged in Hawaii with drunken driving.

Ted Cruz rallies evangelicals in campaign to defund Planned Parenthood
NPR: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's latest pitch to religious voters came in a conference call Tuesday with church pastors from around the country.

Can Russell Moore unite the Religious Right?
National Review: Can Russell Moore's crusade to protect “religious liberty” become a bridge between Republican politicians and a religious Right that many believe is increasingly fractured and politically defunct?

Pew study finds Orthodox similar to evangelical Christians -- not other Jews
Forward: Study suggests that Orthodox Jews vote, believe, worship, act and raise their children more like white evangelical Protestants than like their fellow Jews.

New ‘Nuns on the Bus’ tour to highlight Pope Francis' US visit and agenda
Religion News Service: Whatever their modes of travel, both the pope and the Catholic sisters are united in their core themes: a faith-based promotion of economic justice and political consensus for the common good.

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