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Friday, August 7, 2015

The Galli Report - August 07, 2014 
August 07, 2014    

Please see below or click here for the correct link to the Planned Parenthood story. Our apologies for the link mixup.
'Thank God for the Atomic Bomb'
This article highlights, if inadvertently, the ambiguity any sensible person feels about the US atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, whose 70-year anniversaries we note this week. No one doubts the horrific suffering imposed on these cities. Not many doubt that it spared hundreds of thousands of other lives—both American and Japanese—that would have been lost in a US invasion of the island. The moral trade-offs will debated for centuries. This author lauds the bombings, and I can't help but sympathize with his point. And yet. . .
Cliff Notes of a Great Thinker
I have tried on two or three occasions to read Christopher Lasch's The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations. But the classic analysis of American culture has defeated me every time. I find summaries of Lasch's prophetic insights, like this one, much more accessible. And thought provoking.
Getting on the Right Side of History
This blog post makes a number of cogent observations about the times we find ourselves in. It starts with a discussion of what is assumed when people urge us to be "on the right side of history"—as if history is a moral force that always moves toward the good. Then the blog post takes this nice turn:
There is one force in human experience that, over the long haul, always, without fail ends up looking wrong—hate. History isn't God, but God is, and God is love.
And therein follow a few more insights.
The Person Behind the Planned Parenthood Story
Check out this CT interview with the filmmaker who shed light on the grisly practices most Americans (if not all!) have found unconscionable.
For Clueless Guys
I find The Art of Manliness website a regular source of, well, both serious and light-hearted advice for the clueless guy. (Women: instead of nagging your man to do/say/dress right, get him to regularly check in at the site.) This little bit, for example, is on how to and how not to sport sunglasses.
Summer blessings!
Mark Galli
Mark Galli
Mark Galli
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