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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Multiracial churches cater to the white congregants

Multiracial churches cater to the white congregants
Pacific Standard: Attitudes in multiracial American churches end up like those in white churches, a new study finds.

Why routine divorce is now inevitable, even among Christians
Religion News Service: Recent survey suggests that routine divorce is now inevitable in American culture, including among religious people, David Gushee says.

Religion Dispatches: Porn, abuse, or just plain incompatibility…is divorce ever a sin?
Stephen Colbert loves the thing he most wishes had not happened
Mockingbird: We've heard Stephen Colbert talk thoughtfully and even beautifully about his Catholic faith before, but never so close to the bone as in a new GQ cover story.

Ministers, churches seek end to ‘mission tourism’
Baptist News Global: Baptist leaders say the historic, western style of short-term mission trips were more about self-fulfillment rather than transforming the lives of impoverished people.

Mormon church makes first ever appointments of women to councils
The (London) Guardian: The Utah-based faith group says three women will serve on committees that make key policy decisions for its 15 million worldwide members.

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