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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Modern. Southern. Baptists.

Modern. Southern. Baptists.
Charlotte Magazine: Park Road Baptist Church isn't your usual Baptist church, and husband-and-wife duo Russ and Amy Jacks Dean aren't your usual Baptist ministers.

A 21st-century Exodus: what the makeshift Calais camp church means
The (London) Guardian: Politicians who talk about the ‘swarm’ of migrants should look at the powerful pictures of a church for Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians in the camp and reflect.

Milwaukee archdiocese to give $21 million to survivors of clergy sex abuse
National Catholic Reporter: The Milwaukee archdiocese has agreed to give survivors of clergy sex abuse $21 million, a move that is expected to end the four and a half years that church has been in bankruptcy court.

Pope: Keep door open to divorced Catholics who remarry
Associated Press: Pope Francis declared on Wednesday that divorced Catholics who remarry and their children deserve better treatment from the church, and he urged pastors to avoid treating these couples as if they were excommunicated.

My boss makes jokes about my religion -- what should I do?
Fast Company: What can you do when workplace joking crosses the line?

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