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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CT Direct - August 19, 2015

Christianity Today Direct Newsletter

My Own Pilgrim's Progress
Summoned by God, I learned to follow him in trust and vulnerability, even when I felt displaced.
Timothy George
As I drove south on Interstate 65 one hot summer day, headed for Birmingham, I was uncertain about what lay at the end of my 376-mile trek. I had spent ten wonderful years in Louisville, Kentucky, teaching at a Baptist seminary where I had wonderful students and colleagues... continue reading >>

Our Plates Runneth Over
For the sake of the church, its mission, and our health, it's time to talk about our diets.
Movie Review
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Style trumps plot in this homage to 1960s espionage—as it should.
The Exchange
Morning Roundup 8/19/15
Smartphones in Church; Thy Kingdom Come?; Contentment in Life
The Exchange
Morning Roundup 8/18/15
Church Revitalization; Homeless Man; Bigger Bibles
Anne Graham Lotz's Husband in Intensive Care Unit
(Update) Family covets prayers, says next 24 hours are crucial.
Saved from Islam on September 11
As I looked up at the burning twin towers, life-changing words came to me—words I suddenly heard inside my head.
One in Three Americans Say Divorce Is Still a Sin in Cases of Abuse
Pastors are more understanding when adultery, spousal abuse, or abandonment occurs.
The Exchange
Exploring Evangelicalism: The Wesleyan Church
The General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church explains Wesleyanism.
Why Don't They See the Miracle?
Pro-lifers: Let your stories shake the world's failed imagination.
Clock is Ticking for CCCU: More Colleges May Leave By August 31
(UPDATED) Oklahoma Wesleyan and several other schools threaten to leave over members' same-sex marriage moves.

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