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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Today's Headlines - July 28, 2015

Can hipster Christianity save churches from decline?
Washington Post: Has the cool-church movement done anything to reverse trends of declining church attendance, particularly among young people? Most evidence suggests the answer is no.

Episcopal church fights alcohol addiction, and they're not alone
Deseret News: Leaders of the Episcopal Church recently voted to study the church's engagement with alcohol in light of a December 2014 hit-and-run involving a now-defrocked bishop.

Editorial: Pope Francis' exhortation to walk on the margins makes us squirm
National Catholic Reporter: Come September and Francis' visit, we all are likely to be shaken to our roots by a much-expanded definition of Catholic orthodoxy and a far more demanding idea of what it means to be countercultural in the United States.

Dying for Christianity: millions at risk amid rise in persecution across the globe
The (London) Guardian: Increase in murder, as well as rape, torture and discrimination, has led the pope to warn of a ‘form of genocide.’

Boy Scouts end ban on gay leaders, over protests by Mormon Church
The New York Times: The Boy Scouts ended its ban on openly gay adult leaders, but the new policy allows church-sponsored units to choose local unit leaders who share their precepts.

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