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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

News & Ideas ~ July 07, 2015

Faith and Leadership Newsletter

A humble plea: Go easy on your pastor
Baptist News Global: There's a lot on our cultural plate. Tensions are high. That makes it challenging to be a leader of any church.

12 things clergy spouses want you to know
Patheos: The spouses don't often get a chance to tell their own story, but if they could, here are twelve things Frederick Schmidt thinks they would want you to know.
Huffington Post: 20 confessions of a minister's wife

Losing faith in religious higher education
Chronicle of Higher Education: What happens when a seminary professor joins the religiously “unaffiliated”?

Pope Francis: Families are like fine wine, with the best yet to come
Crux: Pope Francis preached about the importance of the family during the first stop in his three-nation tour of South America.

After Obergefell
Inside Higher Ed: Julia K. Stronks doesn't think the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage will create legal threats for Christian colleges. But she thinks it's time for many Christian colleges to change anyway.

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