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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Learning About Faith - April 18, 2015

Christian Piatt
5 Things Christianity Can Learn From Buddhism
by Christian Piatt
There are many parallels between the life, teaching, and practices of Jesus and those of the Buddha.
Seasons of Grace
Why Catholics Do the Things They Do
by Kathy Schiffer
On cue, people stand up; they sit back down; they kneel; then they stand. If you're a non-Catholic attending Catholic Mass, you might wonder what is this secret code that Catholics seem to have.
Christian Crier
What Does It Mean to Be a Carnal Christian?
by Dr. Michael L. Williams
The word carnal means fleshly and temporal or earthly. Here, learn about what a carnal Christian is and what it means to be one.
The High Calling
When the Sabbath Is a Disruption
by The High Calling
What happened to the idea of rest? Whether our understanding of the Sabbath means Saturday or Sunday, have we sacrificed the idea of rest in our rush to get things done and accomplish what we otherwise wouldn't have time for?
Are Nonreligious Countries More Socially Advanced?
by Epiphenom
Using data from a recent WIN/Gallup poll, a Patheos blogger concluded that the least religious nations are better at meeting basic human needs and providing foundations for wellbeing.
Texas School Teacher Teaches Islamophobic Lessons to Students
by Saira Siddiqui
The lesson plan the teacher created included statements such as, "If you are [non-Muslim], you need to know that there are millions of Muslims who believe it is their mission to war against you."

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