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Monday, November 3, 2014


Greetings Fellow Clergy & Activist,

"To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven". We are presently in a season of urgency and a window of time is given to us to accomplish his purpose in that season. I would like to urge you to take your social activism to another level in this hour of a special season. Please don't misunderstand me I know many of you have been models of diligence and perseverance and the civil rights movement for life has prospered due to your commitment. You have given much but this season that is upon us will prove to be critical and your faithfulness will reap a greater harvest of life. 

As you will read below, the movement puts far too much emphasis on "main stream media" that has proven its bias and ideological resentment to the Judea Christian ethic. If we start attempting to rely on its presence we also made become diluted and perverse and thus forget where our ultimate hope lies. There are acts of faith motivated by the Holy Spirit that moves an angelic host to bring about deliverance and justice for the oppressed. Its worth is not determined by a jaded main stream media but a God who beholds the hearts of men and women and hears their cries.  It is God who has asked the question "Is there anything too hard for me to do."

We have come into a season where God is now asking not Fox, CNN or MSNBC to begin a conversation but for the church, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, or Pentecostal to elevate the conversation that will lead to conviction.

In this season you will lend your social media, E-mails, church advertisements, billboards, bulletin boards, cell phones, Sunday School classes, youth meetings, book & bridge clubs or whatever that is within your sphere of influence to in some cases start and others rekindle a conversation that leads to conviction

Obviously this is not of any human interpretation nor can it be analyzed to determine its success by earthly means.  It is a move of the Holy Spirit and the means by which it is facilitated will be the way it is sustained. If main stream props you up it can take you down. The best way is "We the People" or as II Chronicles 7:14. "If My people which are called by my name."  We must elevate the conversation!
The drug culture has a language of its own that was not created by main stream media, but resulted because they had to communicate. Their conversations brought about an understanding and communication that would affect millions.  The word "joint" or nickel bag or back in the day "munchies" was not propagated initially by main stream media but the language was known from Los Angeles to New York City. The Pro-Life Movement must do the same and in the African American community especially this conversation must and will begin now. It is the season!

Censorship or being "ignored" is due to the person or person’s previous assessment of the worth of the persons or thing. It is assessed relative to their own personal interest or priority. The persons or thing being ignored is not significant enough to acknowledge, by the person being implored. What we choose to ignore or censor reveals the purity (or lack of) of our purpose.   When it is clearly the African American community being targeted deliberately and systemically we must conclude that the obvious continuance of the policy would be directly due to the perpetrators assessment of the worth or value of the targeted persons.

This is why the pro-life movement is a civil rights movement that recognizes the worth of every child and therefore defends and earnestly seeks to end the injustice viciously levied upon unsuspecting children in the womb; disproportionately African American’s.

Normally I wouldn't but in this season I will ask that you forward the links below as a step of your commitment to step up the "conversation that will lead to conviction." Get them on you E-mail and Face Book friends. Your act of faith will give the Holy Spirit the seed it can water and it will grow and multiply. Thank You For Your Support!




Thank You In Advance,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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