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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Is it OK to be a cafeteria Catholic?

Is it OK to be a cafeteria Catholic?
Evangelization requires real dialogue in the
church--as well as an open door to those on imperfect journeys of faith.

Today, the accusation of being a "cafeteria Catholic" is flung around with the same zealousness as the term "heretic" was at one time. Passionate traditionalists troll online discussion boards and blogs seeking to attack women and men who do not give their full assent to each and every teaching of the Catholic Church. These gatekeepers of orthodoxy believe it is for the glory of God and the good of the church that all questioners and doubters be denounced and told in no uncertain terms that if they don't like it they can--and should--leave. I have no desire to be part of the smaller, purer church envisioned by these doctrinal police. The church must keep its doors open for all of us who are on an imperfect, bumpy and often messy journey toward holiness. Read more

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