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Friday, October 17, 2014

THE GALLI REPORT - Friday, October 17, 2014

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Friday, October 17, 2014

One trend suggests that sexual mores are looser than ever on America's college campuses. Another trend suggests the opposite: as "Neo-Victorianism on Campus" puts it, "Sexual liberation is having a nervous breakdown on college campuses."

If a historic painting or drawing depicts someone running, it's likely that the legs and arms are in the wrong position. Even The New Yorker goofed in 2005. As this article notes, "It turns out that artists have been drawing people running incorrectly for thousands of years."

I found "The Surprising Problem of Too Much Talent" to be, well, surprising. It appears that if your group is more like soccer or basketball, too much talent is a problem. But if it's more like baseball, it's an asset. So before deciding to recruit more talent for your church committee, community task force, business, or whatever, you need to decide whether your team operates more like basketball or baseball.

There have been a lot of alarms going off since Fox News reported that the city of Houston demanded pastors turn over their sermons. It has something to do with a "non-discrimination" ordinance that some pastors are fighting. I don't pretend to understand the legal issues. But I agree with this writer. He believes pastors should be delighted to give their sermons to the city council, and send "each one with a carefully written cover letter explaining exactly how the blood of Christ redeems sinners from death and the grave."

Who would have thought salt ponds could be so beautiful? Maybe God, since this is a "God's eye view" so to speak.

Grace and peace,

Mark Galli
Mark Galli
Mark Galli
Editor, Christianity Today

P.S. We are thrilled to introduce our newest blog, Just Marinating, from Pastor Derwin Gray, which aims to inspire the local church to be a community of reconciliation and unity:

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