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Thursday, October 2, 2014


A new survey of American religious congregations conducted by researchers from Duke University and the University of Chicago finds that, in recent years, more churches have become welcoming to openly gay and lesbian couples. These findings parallel broader trends showing greater acceptance among the general public of both homosexuality and same-sex marriage during roughly the same period. The survey found that between 2006 and 2012, the share of congregations allowing an openly gay or lesbian couple to become full-fledged members grew from 37% to 48%. In addition, the number of congregations that allowed openly gay and lesbian members to assume any lay leadership position also increased – from 18% in 2006 to 26% in 2012.  
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Media Mentions
Most people want to live past 75, but they haven’t given much thought to dying
Sept. 29 - The Washington Post *
In light of a recent report recommending end-of-life care reforms, The Washington Post uses two Pew Research polls -- one on radical life extension and another on views of end-of-life medical treatments -- to examine Americans' attitudes on the subject.

Jewish kosher laws enjoy heightened status among the young and hip
Sept. 27 - Deseret News
Deseret News examines possible reasons behind a Pew Research finding that more young Jews keep kosher than their older counterparts; the article cites the rise of sustainable eating and the relative "coolness" of keeping kosher as possible explanations.
In the News
Muslim inmate takes his case for a beard to the Supreme Court
Oct. 1 - Religion News Service
White House: Israel face estrangement from allies if settlement building proceeds
Oct. 1 - The Washington Post *
Fight for growing Pentecostal vote in Brazil
Oct. 1 - The Associated Press
Seeking dean’s firing, seminary professors end up jobless
Oct. 1 - The New York Times *
Saudi overhaul reshapes Islam's holiest city Mecca
Oct. 1 - The Associated Press
Israeli airline urged to stop 'bullying' of women by ultra-Orthodox passengers
Sept. 30 - The Guardian
Museum of the Bible aims for timeless name, imagery
Sept. 30 - Religion News Service
NFL: Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah should not have been penalized for praying
Sept. 30 - USA TODAY
Schoolgirl jihadis: the female Islamists leaving home to join Isis fighters
Sept. 29 - The Guardian
Iraqi Christians' dilemma: Stay or go?
Sept. 29 - The Wall Street Journal *

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