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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The Oct. 3 issue of Catholic San Francisco is online now    

Poll shows death penalty support lowest in 50 years
Support has dropped suddenly in last three years 

Reversing RU-486; Babies tell a story of hope
New medical protocol can reverse effects of "abortion pill"
Pope warns on 'hidden euthanasia" of elderly
Francis says elder neglect rooted in "poisonous" culture
Mother, daughter reunite, share Mass for immigrants
Honduran refugee flees abuse to live with mother, sister
St. Ignatius marks anniversary as church, parish
Landmark church celebrates 100th anniversary on Oct. 4
A new statewide push for legalizing assisted suicide Expect the introduction of new assisted suicide legislation
On The Street Where You Live: Tom Burke
SVdP executive's heart on sleeve and eye on budget
San Rafael Carmelites annual jam sale begins Oct. 10
Proceeds pay stipends of visiting priests for daily Mass

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