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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Pray-Care-Share Lifestyle

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B.L.E.S.S. Your Way to
A Pray-Care-Share Lifestyle

One church in the Twin Cities has put together the BLESS program to encourage its attenders to live out a pray-care-share lifestyle. Based on a sermon series from Westwood Community Church, Excelsior, MN, BLESS is a great way to reach out to those around you.

The acrostic BLESS stands for:

B – Begin with prayer
L – Listen and be aware of the needs of those around you
E – Eat with your neighbors, co-workers and friends
S – Serve, look for ways to be a servant to others
S – Tell your story, share your faith...after you have prayed, listened, had a meal, and served.

Download the easy-to-follow pdf with ideas for how to BLESS the people around you.

Reaching Out to Public Schools

Do you have a burden for school teachers, administrators, staff, and students in the public school system? You can apply a pray-care-share approach to reaching out to local schools, too. The LOVE2020 affinity group for K-12 Education has developed a great “Quick Starts” resource. It includes “Constitution-appropriate” pray, care, and share ideas for different groups - parents, students, educators, churches and cityreachers - to minister to public schools. Download the PDF. Find out more about LOVE2020 at  

How Do We Love Our Neighbors
As Ourselves?

Pray-care-share efforts are taking place around the world! One group in South Africa has put together an equipping manual called Luke 10 Transformation, or L-10-T. Paul Cedar, chairman of the Mission America Coalition and LOVE2020, says, “Our love needs to reach beyond loving one another as followers of Jesus….The question is, how do we love God with all of our hearts and love our neighbors as ourselves? This manual, written by William Joubert, answers that question and will prepare you for the wonderful lifestyle of love by praying, caring and sharing.” Download the manual Find more examples and tools for a prayer-care-share lifestyle at

Share resources that you've found helpful in pursuing a a prayer-care-share lifestyle at or email!

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