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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


TUESDAY, September 9, 2014 | Memorial of Saint Peter Claver, Priest

ESSAYS and POSTS about the global sexual revolution, excommunication, Francis and Pentecostals, the sign of peace, grandparents, the Church in China, and more!

The Global Sexual Revolution and the Assault on Freedom and Family | Benjamin J. Vail | German author and sociologist Gabriele Kuby discusses “gender mainstreaming”, the new totalitarianism, and being called a "homohater".

The Church, Excommunication, and Reconciliation | Carl E. Olson | Here’s a simple truth that I’ve learned over the years: A poor understanding of the meaning of “church” inevitably leads to a skewed understanding of many significant issues.

Francis, Ecumenism, and the Common Witness to Christ | Alessandra Nucci | Focusing on Evangelicals and Pentecostals rather than “historical” Protestant denominations, Pope Francis has taken a new approach to ecumenical efforts.

Keeping the Unpeaceful Peace | David Mills | The sign of peace is the act of meeting our neighbor that symbolizes and focuses the friendship we should have with him outside Mass.

Grandparents In the Gaps | Russell Shaw | The universal rule for conscientious grandparents is: Do what you can, and don’t blame yourself for what you can’t.

China’s Modern Martyrs: From Mao to Now (Part 4): Resurrection | Dr. Anthony E. Clark | The blood of martyrs has proven to be the seed of the Church in China, as vibrant communities thrive despite government interference and restrictions.

Cardinal George: "It takes no moral courage to conform to government and social pressure." | Carl E. Olson | Archbishop of Chicago says the anti-Catholicism of today is promoted by "members of the American establishment...who regard themselves as 'progressive' and 'enlightened.'"

The Approaching Beatification of “Don Alvaro” | Russell Shaw | Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, the late Prelate of Opus Dei, will be beatified in Madrid on September 27th.

Personal Holiness and the Homosexual Agenda | Fr. David Kime | It is imperative that we reclaim the language of covenant within marriage, and that we clarify the vocabulary we use in this debate.

Iota: A Review | Roger Thomas | "Nothing seems forced, and the characters do what they do because they are who they are, not because something or other needs to happen in the plot at this point. As a novel, it is a superior work."

Living the Christian Life Today: A Formula for Success | Fr. Richard Gribble, CSC | Living the Christian life has never been easy, but the challenges that it presents make us better prepared and able to not only live today, but to ready ourselves for a return home to God at the end of our days.


The Roots of the Political Use and Abuse of the Bible | Leroy Huizenga | Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wikers' book, Politicizing the Bible, examines how the development of biblical scholarship has severed Scripture from the heart of the Church.

TIME for some media "nun-sense"! | Carl E. Olson | TIME magazine's ridiculous solution for the sister shortage: do the same stuff that led to 50,000 women leaving religious life between 1966 and 1976.

The Labor Movement, Teachers Unions, and Catholic Social Teaching | Fr. George E. Schultze, SJ | Labor Day is an opportunity to reflect on work, education, and the proper role of unions in the light of Catholic social teaching.

"The Giver" and the Fading Memory of Christianity | Fr. Robert Barron | Lois Lowry’s story suggests, quite rightly, that suppression of the good news of the Incarnation is in fact what conduces to dysfunctional and dangerous totalitarianism.

The False Christs of Our Age | Carl E. Olson | The Gospel for this Sunday, August 31st, reveals how the line between salvation and Satan is marked by the Cross.

"Why a silence?": On the West and Islam | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | Why are so many leaders and commentators afraid to speak out and speak clearly about the evil nature of the Islamic State?

Who Am I to Judge? Redux | Anne Hendershott and Fr. Dan Pattee, TOR | Christ teaches us to avoid those judgments that marginalize others—banishing them to the sidelines without any hope of returning to God.

Chronicling the “Last Ebbing Twilight of Byzantium” | Dorothy Cummings McLean | William Dalrymple’s 1997 travelogue From the Holy Mountain is an excellent place to start for Westerners seeking to understand the devastating decline of Christianity in the Middle East.

Metaphysics and the Case Against Secularism | Christopher S. Morrissey | Edward Feser’s new book, Scholastic Metaphysics, makes a strong case for the contemporary relevance of St. Thomas Aquinas’s philosophical reflections on Aristotle.

Prioress of Dominican Sisters in Iraq chronicles ISIS takeover, expresses fears and frustrations | Carl E. Olson | Sister Maria Hanna: "The disaster is overwhelming, and we are unable to comprehend it all."

What Should the October Synod Discuss? | Fr. Cormac Burke | Implicit in most media reports is the view that the Synod will pursue a liberalization of the Church’s present discipline. Why, really, has the Synod been convoked?

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