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Monday, September 29, 2014

E-Musings - Wee Bairns

Wee Bairns

“The Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost”
 (Luke 19:10)

In my college years I worked as a trail guide in Colorado, leading boys on weeklong treks into Rocky Mountain National Park. On one occasion one of my hikers—a small, frail chap—lagged behind and took a wrong fork on the trail. When we arrived at our campsite he was nowhere to be found. Greatly alarmed, I backtracked to find him.

Just before dark I came upon him sitting on a rock by a small lake, hugging his knees, and sobbing. In joy and relief, I gathered him up in a giant bear hug, hoisted him on my shoulders and carried him down the trail to our campsite. 

George McDonald, describes a young woman finding a “wee bairn” lost in the woods.  She gathered him up in her arms and carried the tiny infant home to her father, at which point she gained an insight that “was never afterward to leave her: now she understood the heart of the Son of Man, come to find and carry back the stray children to their Father and his.” When afterward she told her father how she felt he answered her “in just four words and no more: ‘Lassie, ye hae it!’“

So, I want you know that Jesus has been looking for you all your life. He came to find you, no matter how far you may have strayed and how lost you may be and to carry you home to your Father. God has “Love to seek and Power to save...” (John Greenleaf Whittier). You may not know much about God, but if you know that much, “Ye hae it!”

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