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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Christians Who Are Facing Islamic Extremists

UPDATE: Help Is Reaching Christians Who Are Facing Islamic Extremists
“It is like a puzzle. God puts us together and the final picture will amaze everyone, because His plan is perfect.”
—Front-line worker who distributes help to Iraqi Christians

Christians who fled Mosul take refuge in a churchLast month we told you about the horrific suffering of our brothers and sisters in Mosul, Iraq. They had been given the choice of converting to Islam, paying a high tax, leaving the area or being killed. Islamists had spray-painted an Arabic “N” on their homes to mark them as Christians (“N” for nasara, meaning Nazarene to indicate Christians). Nearly every Christian family chose to flee, some with only the clothes on their backs.

VOM has continued to increase support to those who have been forced from their homes, offering food, shelter, clean drinking water and medical support. We have also increased support to front-line workers, who are taking every opportunity to share Christ with Muslims, most of whom are opposed to the brutal assaults of the “Islamic State” (IS).

Our workers are ministering around the clock. However, as one worker told us, when they see people come to Christ in the midst of this crisis, they are energized to push forward.

Because of increased need, VOM has broadened giving opportunities to include Christians under attack by Islamists in countries like Syria and even Nigeria, where the terrorist group Boko Haram continues its deadly campaign to kill or expel all Christians in northern Nigeria.

womanLearn how you can help Christians facing IS and other Islamic extremists.

VOM is grateful for all who have already contributed. Your donations are being used on the front lines of our ministry to help thousands of Christians under attack by Islamists.

We invite you to continue supporting this effort by contributing a special gift to help those facing IS and other Islamic extremists.

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