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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Faith and Leadership Newsletter

July 1, 2014

The Nashville Food Project tackles hunger as a symptom of poverty, with a multifaceted approach that includes gardens, food trucks, community partners and a sense of respect for people in need.
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Reflection: Pastoral Excellence
Just because you gather people in a room and call it Bible study doesn't mean everyone learns in the same way, says a Baptist pastor. Here are the four types of adult learners he has found in church small groups. Read more »

Reflection: Arts & Culture
As people of faith, it might be appropriate to have a quiet Fourth of July, taking a cue from the Moravian Christians who marked the first public celebration in 1783 with prayer, music and a candelight procession, says a pastor in Winston-Salem, N.C. Read more »
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Reflection: Missions & Evangelism
For two years, a congregation and its community have labored together to build a hiking trail nearly to the top of their town’s highest peak. The project is a way of blessing their town and forging friendships, writes the church’s pastor. Read more »
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Reflection: Reconciliation
What is offered in the Gospels, and in the life of the church, is an invitation for our hearts to be healed -- an invitation that each of us can to extend to others, says a graduate of Seattle Pacific University. Read more »

Q&A: Social Entrepreneurship
Young people have much to contribute to the field of global health, says a co-founder of Global Health Corps. It's about matching their skills with the specific problems that health care providers and nonprofits face. Read more »

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