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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

U.S. Catholic - June 24, 2014

June 24, 2014

The places they'll go: Nuns working on the margins 
The tough and tender mercies of women religious transform the most remote and desolate corners of poverty, misery, and heartache. 
 It takes nerves of steel to stand in your doorway and tell rebel soldiers waving guns that no, the woman they are seeking is most certainly not in the room behind you, when in fact she is hiding a few feet away, under your bed. But that's what Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe did. Read more

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Can we call God 'Mother'?
In using maternal metaphors for God alongside the paternal ones, we embrace the fullness of God's love for us.  

Most Christians are familiar with referring to God as Father, but can we call God "Mother"? Many places in the Bible and Christian tradition as well as theological voices answer this question affirmatively: God can be referred to as "Mother." In fact, every recent pope since John Paul I has made some reference to the value of understanding God like a mother. Read more

Why are we throwing a fit about crying rooms?
When young children fuss in church, it gives everyone involved a needed break if babies can cry it out behind closed doors. 

On a scale of one to 10, my kid goes to 11. At age 4, he's high energy, high intelligence, and often highly challenging. I love everything about my little wild man until Sunday morning comes and we're at Mass and everyone's staring at me like I brought an ape into the room. For us, the cry room is a necessity because children are a work in progress. We need a space to turn our little ape into a Mass-trained child, an overhaul of such proportions that removal from the staid silence of the pews is often required. With all these distractions to the actual Mass, the question remains: Do cry rooms really serve parishioners? The answer is yes. Read more.

What do you think? Should we 'suffer the children', even when they disrupt the Mass? Or should we just be glad to see young families in church? Take our survey and let us know!

Meet the 'evangelical' Catholics who are remaking the GOP 
In today's Republican Party, a number of factors have forged a new religious identity that supersedes familiar old categories.

Recent presidential elections have elevated several evangelicals, including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Texas Gov. Rick Perry. But heading into the 2014 midterm elections, several of the Republican Party's emerging leaders are Catholic, including some who maintain evangelical backgrounds or tendencies. Read more

Homelessness can't be solved with spikes and signs 
We should be treating people experiencing homeless with compassion--not with signs that they are unwelcome.
In my daily commute to Chicago's Loop, the sights and sounds become routine. Leaving my apartment at nearly the same time every day, I see the same people on the train platform with me to catch the same train. Another aspect of city life that has become routine is the number of people experiencing homelessness that I pass by. They are the same faces standing in the same places. Read more.

Listen: Free State Serenade
By Chuck Mead (Plowboy Records, 2014)

Chuck Mead began his musical life as a punk rocker in his native Lawrence, Kansas; then he got the itch to play country and couldn't stop scratching. But this, his third solo album, combines bright, catchy country and rockabilly musical settings with dark, bone-chilling lyrical themes worthy of Johnny Rotten himself. Read more

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