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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Greetings To All Saints and Social Activist,   
I had the pleasure of hearing Ben Carson speak at the New Jersey Right To Life Banquet this past Friday. An amazing man of God and certainly called for such a time as this. He charged the audience to keep the conservative confirmation going and not to draw back in this crucial hour. Dr. Ben Carson stated that without the voice of the people and their active engagement in the process we would not prevail.

Ben Carson reminded us that civil discourse is to our advantage and open forums will expose the works of darkness and galvanizes the masses. I had the privilege to ask the doctor a question I believe we as Christian's may be facing sooner than we think. It is possible the Supreme Court could choose to rule against Hobby Lobby, Priest for Life and other institutions that have asked for an exception from the HHS mandate of providing abortificants and literally funding abortion. The question I asked was," Should the Supreme Court rule in favor of the HHS mandate, would it then be time for civil discourse or civil disobedience?" The Dr.'s look and smile let me to know that he was going to give me the "politically correct answer" and how could a possible presidential candidate be advocating "civil disobedience?" Dr. Ben Carson then answered," Civil Discourse of course with a sheepish smile but then added he believed we were going to make out all right in the Supreme Court’s decision.

Presently we are all awaiting the out come but as for one who is not running for president I would say as the three Hebrew teenagers who were threatened to be thrown into a fiery furnace if they didn't comply with the mandate of the king. "We Will Not Bow Down" The three young prophets decided whether God would deliver them or not they would not comply with the kings demand to violate their faith and devotion to God. I would concur!


Thank you from the depth of my heart and the heart of our team for your contribution to Learn Northeast to end abortion and thus end "Black Genocide" Your sacrifice is noted in heaven and certainly our Father sees your concern for the least of these. Whether yearly, quarterly or monthly your effort is greatly appreciated and we can not do what we are doing without your help! If you haven't made a contribution you couldn't pick a better time do to the November call to this nation to recognize the wrongs and right them. LEARN Northeast is a predominately Afro-American organization and plays a pivotal role in the "civil discourse" on abortion. We are playing an essential role in America and we are committed to the fight till every child has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! We will be doing everything possible to continue to shift the culture to Life in these coming months. PLEASE HELP US!   Donate online or mail LEARN Northeast PO Box 157 Montclair,  NJ 07042.

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Thank You In Advance,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.
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