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Monday, April 14, 2014

Pastorgraphs: “Bishop’s Visit”

E-Vangel Newsletter
April 14, 2014

Pastorgraphs: “Bishop’s Visit” am pleased to let you know that our District Superintendent John Farley and Bishop Minerva Carcaño of the California-Pacific Annual Conference are planning to meet this Wednesday with the leaders of our Cooperative Parish. Bishop Carcaño wants to see first-hand what we are doing at Christ Ministry Center. She also wants to get to better know the ministers of the four parish congregations and our plans for cooperative ministry.

I have been informed that if the Bishop and Cabinet approve the plan for formally creating the parish, we may soon have a Constituting Conference. I will be appointed as “elder-in-charge: retired” and provide mentorship and general oversight to my friends and colleagues: The Rev. Dr. Donald Owens (Exodus Church), and laity ministers David Stump (Christ Chapel), Jonathan Reyes (Unidos en Cristo) and Jean Elise Durandisse (Haitian Methodist).

We are honored to have Bishop Carcaño visit us. It is a rare occasion when the Bishop makes such a visit. She has over 400 churches scattered from the Mexico and Arizona borders to Simi Valley to Hawaii and American Samoa under her care.

A native of Edinburg, TX, and third generation Methodist, Bishop Carcaño spent her early years aspiring to make a difference in the lives of persons who faced poverty and discrimination. Her ministry has always involved work with the poor, farm workers, immigrants, and refugees.

In 1986 she became the first Hispanic woman to be appointed a United Methodist district superintendent, serving in that capacity in West Texas, New Mexico, and Portland, Oregon until 1992.

In 2004, Bishop Minerva Carcaño became the first Hispanic woman to be elected a bishop of The United Methodist Church, the second-largest Protestant denomination in the U.S. She is one of 50 bishops leading more than eight million members of The United Methodist Church. She previously served as Bishop of the Desert Southwest Conference (Phoenix Area) before succeeding Bishop Mary Ann Swenson of the Cal-Pac Conference (Los Angeles Area) in 2012. 

Bishop Carcaño has an almost impossible job. She has moral courage to speak out on matters of justice. That included being arrested in an act of civil disobedience at the gates of The White House to protest immigrant families being torn apart by deportation. She has earned the respect of those who both agree and disagree with her.

Please join us in prayer for our Bishop, and that this meeting will move us closer to the creation of Exodus United Methodist Church/Cooperative Parish.

Devotedly yours, Bill Jenkins

From the Quote Garden:
“The daughter of Mexican farmworkers, Minerva was born in Edinburg, Texas. She grew up in the cotton and tomato fields wondering if anyone cared about her. She heard a local pastor who preached a word of justice from Isaiah say that God cared about those who toiled on the land—that same man took action, going to the school board to find out why all of the local Hispanic children were tracked in the lowest classes and how to change that. Minerva decided early on that she wanted to be like him, preaching and doing the work of justice.”
~ USC Religious Dispatches ~

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