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Monday, February 17, 2014


Christianity and Islam, Dialogue and Monologues | Peter D. Beaulieu | Robert R. Reilly's monograph, The
 Prospects and Perils of Catholic-Muslim Dialogue, argues that the real problem with political and social structures in Islam is theological

Jesus: Liberal Rabbi or Incarnate Messiah? | Carl E. Olson | “Was Jesus," asked Benedict XVI a few years ago, "in reality a liberal rabbi—a forerunner of Christian liberalism?"

A New Order Responds to the Lord’s Call for Unity | Jim Graves | An interview with Sister Mary Philomena Fuire, superior of the Sisters of Our Mother of Divine Grace.

The U.N.'s Cynical Assault on the Church | Michael Coren | The double standard employed in abuse-justified attacks on Catholic teaching is both surreal and calculated.

Benedict XVI and Iconoclasm One Year On | Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille | In thinking back on Benedict’s legacy a year later, there is one hugely significant thing that stands out to me.

A Brief History of Same-Sex Marriage and Why Catholics Are Losing the War Against It | Carrie Gress | Why does this enigma of history seem like just the next "progressive" step in our culture?

What Is the US Doing About Religious Persecution Worldwide? | John Burger | While President Obama calls religious freedom a “key objective of US foreign policy,” experts question how high a priority combating persecution really is.

A Man Obsessed With Sanity | Interview with Joseph Martin | Author and apologist Frank Sheed, once introduced as "Aquinas in a Collar and Tie", was a master of precision and clarity.

Carl's (Lovely) Cuts for Valentine's Day, 2014 | Carl E. Olson | Love and marriage, love and skeptics, love and truth, love and poverty, love and conversion. And some other stuff you'll love.

Truth Rings Out Softly | Nick Olszyk | George Clooney's new film, The Monuments Men, is both safe and satisfying, but sometimes in surprising ways.

CDF Prefect getting along with Pope, Curia | Michael J. Miller | Abp. Müller says that the Holy Father’s relationship with him is "fraternal, paternal, indeed cordial".

Thousands "march for marijuana" in Rome; Pope Francis decries drug use | Alberto Carosa | The pontiff continues to oppose the liberalization of drug use, which he links to "moral destitution".

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