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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Is the $17 Trillion Federal Debt Immoral?

Three Views: Is the $17 Trillion Federal Debt Immoral?
When a country borrows this much in excess, it risks spiritual bankruptcy.
David P. Gushee, Gary Moore, Amy E. Black

Both Democrats and Republicans have contributed to the problem. Instead of wasting time and energy casting blame, lawmakers should come together to solve the crisis. Ignoring complex political problems does not make them disappear.

Read Three Views: Is the $17 Trillion Federal Debt Immoral?

How I finally recognized the Lord in a world of pain and distress.
Holly Burkhalter, guest writer

(UPDATED) Christian martyrdoms doubled in 2013, reports World Watch List in revealing its methodology for the first time.
Katherine Burgess

Roundup of what other religion news watchers found notable last year.
Kate Tracy

Sometimes, it feels like God doesn't have a match for you.
Debra K. Fileta, guest writer

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