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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

CT DIRECT - 01.22.2014

Christianity Today Direct Newsletter
Wednesday, January 22, 2014    

The Foreign Policy Mission of American Evangelicals
Mark Amstutz looks at their longstanding involvement with issues like global poverty, sex trafficking, and religious persecution.
Interview by Timothy C. Morgan

The American public often associates evangelicals with domestic political fights over abortion and same-sex marriage. But historically, they have been no less active in shaping events on distant shores. In Evangelicals and American Foreign Policy (Oxford University Press), Mark R. Amstutz, a political scientist at Wheaton College, analyzes evangelicals' long-standing engagement on global poverty, human trafficking, international religious freedom, and Israeli statehood. CT senior editor for global journalism Timothy C. Morgan spoke with Amstutz about the motivating factors behind evangelicals' engagement in foreign affairs....

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For its 41st year, pro-life rally implements significant changes. Meanwhile, groups release recaps of how abortion changed in 2013.
Kate Tracy

Private papers of Roe v. Wade justices reveal troubling procedural issues that one expert predicts will undermine the infamous ruling.
Interview by Timothy C. Morgan

(UPDATED) Reasons vary, but the trend is clear.
Tom Strode - Baptist Press

Conversion reshapes Norma McCorvey's views
Mark A. Kellner

My difficult unplanned pregnancy impelled me to show a little more grace.
By Jemila Monroe

The Supreme Court's abortion decision shows that the arguments have changed.
Ted Olsen

South Dakota hopes bill will topple Roe, but some pro-lifers lament the timing.
Collin Hansen

In Defending Life, philosopher Francis Beckwith argues with the sword tied behind his back.
Review by Douglas LeBlanc

The Supreme Court was set to overturn Roe v. Wade in 1992 until...
Compiled by Ted Olsen

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