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Thursday, December 5, 2013

San Diego Rescue Mission Christmas 2013

Still 22 days 'til Christmas. Please add one more person to your Christmas list this holiday season!
Please add one more person to your Christmas List
"Born and raised in a Christian family in San Diego, Mark graduated from Kearny High School and attended Mesa Junior College. But as Mark began working and married, he moved "farther and farther away from the Lord."

Drinking became a problem. Then, Mark was injured and could no longer work in his trade. Staying with his mother and sisters "wasn't right," so Mark began looking around for alternatives. In our men's residential recovery program, Mark learned to live independently again as part of society while deepening his relationship with Christ."

Mark is typical of those who come to San Diego Rescue Mission for food, shelter and help changing the direction of their lives.

This year, please add a person like Mark to your gift list by making a special Christmas donation to the Mission.

Your gift of $50.10 can provide 30 meals for those who are hungry. $100.20 means meals and other vital care that can really change lives. Larger gifts help more people.

Please, make your gift right here, right now.

Thank you for caring,
Herb Johnson
Herb Johnson, President/CEO
Donate Now!

P.S. No one should be hungry or homeless at Christmas. Please help us feed and shelter as many people as you can. THANK YOU!
San Diego Rescue Mission  |  P.O. Box 80427 San Diego, CA 92138
Phone: (619) 687-3720  |

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