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Monday, December 23, 2013

Peace and Goodwill and

Peace and Goodwill? "Bah, Humbug," Says the Holy Spirit
'The Comforter' sometimes acts more like 'the Great Discomforter'
Mark Galli

Back in the day, Mary of Nazareth set out "with haste," Luke tells us, rushing to a Judean town in the hills where her relative Elizabeth lived with her husband, Zechariah. She was anxious to tell Elizabeth, who was pregnant with the one to be named John, that she herself was also expecting. Mary's greeting was so over the top, apparently, that Elizabeth's "baby leaped in her womb." Luke continues: "And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit" (1:41). Elizabeth is the first person in...

Read Peace and Goodwill? "Bah, Humbug," Says the Holy Spirit
It's not holiday celebrations that need toning down; it's the rest of the year.
Rachel Marie Stone

the exchange
Popes, laws, and violence make up many of this year's top religion stories according to the RNA.
Ed Stetzer

Among 'born-again' Christians, Barna finds divide between theory and practice differs by demographic.
Kate Tracy

After one of 1,300 local chapters approves Planned Parenthood affiliate, Christian financial services organization rethinks letting members direct donations.
Jeremy Weber

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