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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What Is Billy Graham's Legacy

What Is Billy Graham's Legacy for the 21st Century?
Billy Graham occupies a singular place in the history of American religion. Is his message still relevant today?
Billy Graham Got Me This Job -- and This Life
by Mark Galli
The real legacy of Billy Graham cannot be counted or measured by any metric. It's best appreciated individually, one person at a time.
The Greatest Missed Opportunity of the 20th Century: Billy Graham and Martin Luther King, Jr.
by Rev. Madison Shockley
Can we imagine the impact of a national crusade across the U.S. led by the two most powerful preachers of the 20th century -- one White, one Black?
Can Billy Graham Bring Hope to Millenials?
by Johnnie Moore
Graham's message isn't a nostalgic one for another time. It's a message for now.
Billy Graham -- From the Other Side of the Protestant Table
by Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper
Billy Graham and I may be different kinds of Christians (and different kinds of Protestant Christians), but I still like him. Here's why.
The Heart of the Evangelist Still Beats Strong
by A. Larry Ross
Over the more than 32 years I've been privileged to work closely with Billy Graham, he has modeled for me the truth that the principles of Jesus we lift up and live out are far more powerful than the mere words we say.
A Mea Culpa to Billy Graham
by Rev. Dr. James Gertmenian
Responsibility for the recent decades of fundamentalist and evangelical wrath can be laid just as easily at the feet of us liberals and our intellectual snobbery, as it can be laid at the feet of this essentially gentle and good man.

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