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Monday, November 11, 2013

Ignatius Insight 11.11.2013

"Jack": Convert, "Mere" Christian, and Near Catholic | Michael Coren | The books and stories of C.S. Lewis, who died fifty years ago this month, continue to engage minds and capture hearts.

Multiple Parents in a "Brave New World" | Fr. James V. Schall, SJ | This new world began not in the scientific laboratory, but in the minds and desires of men.

Faith, Hope, and Heaven | Carl E. Olson | Some thoughts on Maccabees, martyrs, marriage, and mortality.

Evangelization: It's Not Just for Protestants | Terry Barber | An excerpt from the new book, How to Share Your Faith with Anyone: A Practical Manual of Catholic Evangelization.

The Fortunate Faith of Audrey Assad | Carl E. Olson | The singer-songwriter discusses her new album, faith, conversion, and why she doesn't make "Christian music".

A Catholic Politician in the Nordic Public Square | Alberto Carosa | An interview with Timo Soini, leader of the main opposition party in the Finnish parliament.

Universal Truths: A Review of 12 Years a Slave | Nick Olszyk | Although legal slavery has long been abolished in the U.S., we are still dealing with violations of universal truths.

Benedict XVI, Bishop Schneider, and Communion in the hand | Alberto Carosa | The influence of the auxiliary bishop of Astana (Kazakhstan) on Pope Benedict XVI: "Your arguments are convincing."

The Dumb Ox on Evolution | Rob Agnelli | Thomism offers a valuable service by guiding scientific discussions in the direction of those theories that have a solid metaphysical foundation.


The Return of Christendom | James Kalb | Christendom may be gone as a matter of public law, but it’s still here as a substantive reality.

Jews, Catholics, and the Assimilation Problem | Russell Shaw | It's time to stop hailing the charms of the melting pot and urging no-strings-attached assimilation into American secular culture.

In London, the Ordinariate Begins to Bear Fruit | Joanna Bogle | As former Anglicans accept the invitation of Anglicanorum Coetibus, the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham grows.

Roe v. Wade: The History and the Truth | Chrisopher White | An interview with Clarke D. Forsythe, author of Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade.

Five days on the ground with Syrian Christians | Alessandra Nucci | An eye-witness account of a nun’s efforts to liberate hostages and broker peace in war-torn Syria.

Modern-Day Hermits: Answering the Call to Solitude, Prayer | Leslie Fain | While we might think of hermits as relics of the Church’s medieval past, today there are many who devote their lives entirely to solitary prayer.

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