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Friday, November 15, 2013


COMMENTARY: 'Gothic piles' no longer necessary for finding faith | Religion News Service

Riverside Church in New York City, located on Riverside Drive and 120th Street near Columbia University  where Harlem and the Upper West Side meet. According to the church's website, the 20-floor tower houses the largest turned bell in the world. Religion News Service file photo
In times past, flocking to church on Sunday morning was a beloved family routine, even here in bad old Gotham. Now they’re trying nontraditional worship on Sunday evenings.

It’s a struggle, both here and elsewhere in the 21st-century Christian world. Buildings with “beautiful stones and gifts dedicated to God,” as Luke described the temple in ancient Jerusalem, are falling into disuse and disrepair — not because Caesar attacked and took revenge on an alien religion, but because the world changed and gathering weekly in “Gothic piles” no longer seems necessary for finding faith.

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