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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Bochabela String Orchestra

 At the Musicona non-school musical training centerin Bloemfontein South Africa which was established during Apartheid times,a radical project has been taking placein the recent years.
Bochabela String Orchestra was founded by an American bassist Peter Guy. The project has been a passion for Peter for 15 years

"The classical music scene in Bloemfontein was really vibrant. There were concerts constantly, the halls were full. But it was quite artificial because it was just for part of the population. Just prior to the change of government a young black girl was brought to me by the Arts Council, I started teaching her and she did extremely well. I started thinking “Well, if she can do well there must be other kids who can also do well," recalls Guy.

Thapelo Masita playing a cello in a rehearsal class

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