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Monday, September 2, 2013

Pastorgraphs: “Disciplined Order of Christ”

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September 2, 2013

Pastorgraphs: “Disciplined Order of Christ”

Next weekend, September 13-15, I will have the honor of being the guest speaker for The Disciplined Order of Christ (DOC) retreat at the Prince of Peace Benedictine Abbey in Oceanside, CA.

The invitation to speak came from my friends and colleagues, the Rev. John Lurvey, Ph.D., and his wife, the Rev. Gwen Jones-Lurvey, co-pastors of Wesley United Methodist Church in San Diego. John and Gwen are actively involved with DOC, where John serves as Vice-President and Gwen serves on the Board of
Directors. They asked me to present “Three Steps to Integrity: The ABC Model”, the subject of my latest book. This is both humbling and exciting.

The founder of the Disciplined Order of Christ (DOC) was Albert E. Day, a Methodist, born in 1884 in Ohio. He graduated from Taylor University in Indiana, and in 1916 obtained a Master of Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati.

His first Methodist pastorate was in Belle Fontaine, Ohio. In 1919 he was appointed to the Methodist Episcopal Church of Canton, Ohio. During his six years in Canton the church grew by 1,500 members. In 1925 he was appointed to Christ Methodist Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and in 1932 to Mount Vernon Place Methodist Episcopal Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

While in Baltimore, Rev. Day delivered the 1934 Lyman Beecher lectures at Yale University.  In 1937 Day became pastor of the First Methodist Church in Pasadena, California. In 1940 he gave a series of lectures at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

In 1945 Albert Day accepted an opportunity at the National Board of Evangelism of the Methodist Church. He came to Nashville, Tennessee to develop a new program of spiritual growth and personal evangelism, “to make religion real”. Albert Day called his new program, “New Life Movement”. Delegates, including ministers and laymen of Methodism, met at Albion College in Albion, Michigan from July 31-August 9, 1945. Approximately 100 persons participated in this retreat. After many days of presentations, discussions and prayer the Disciplined Order of Christ (DOC) was born.

In his seminal book, Discipline and Discovery, Day provided practical, daily suggestions for developing the scriptural disciplines of:

·       obedience
·       simplicity
·       humility
·       frugality
·       generosity
·       truthfulness
·       purity
·       charity

Aware that all persons fall short of their ideals, the Disciplined Order of Christ further recommends the following disciplines which its members seek to practice.

1.   The Discipline of Private Prayer – daily engaging in Biblical and spiritual reading, meditation and prayer.
2.   The Discipline of Personal Commitment – a life that emphasizes the above scriptural disciplines as positive means of minimizing selfish desires and promoting better awareness of God and other persons.
3.   The Discipline of Small Group Fellowship – meeting regularly for prayer and sharing.
4.   The Discipline of Active Church Participation – personal involvement in the life and ministry of a local congregation.
5.   The Discipline of Witness and Service – creative effort to share the good news of the Christian faith and to minister to the needs of others.
6.   The Discipline of Stewardship – response to God’s gracious gifts by responsible use of these gifts in support of worthy ministries and by loyal support of the DOC including annual renewal of the membership commitment.
7.   The Discipline of Ecumenical Fellowship – recognition that all persons are created by God and are therefore worthy of Christ’s love.

From the DOC website: “Rather than a select association of those who claim that they have arrived at spiritual maturity, the Disciplined Order of Christ joins people together in a pilgrimage of those who are earnestly on the way. They recognize that all persons are created by God and are therefore worthy of Christ’s love. Diverse educational, cultural and religious backgrounds join persons together in DOC. They discover their common ground in the spirit of Christ. Some are ordained ministers, but most are lay members of their churches.”

Thank you, John and Gwen, for this opportunity. I will come to share insights on how integrity intersects with spirituality, but also to join you in a much needed personal spiritual retreat. I look forward to meeting with you and the members of DOC in the monastic setting of Prince of Peace Abbey.

Devotedly, Bill Jenkins

From the Quote Garden:
“Behold the law under which you wish to be a soldier. What I say is aimed at you, whoever you are, turning your back on self-will, and taking up the mightiest and shining weapons of obedience to become a soldier for the True King, Christ the Lord.”
~ St. Benedict (480-543 A.D.) ~

For more information on DOC, visit

Christ United Methodist Ministry Center
“Christ in the Heart of San Diego”
3295 Meade Avenue - San Diego, CA 92116 - (619) 284-9205

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