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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Innocence Project of California Sets Another One Free

Innocence Project of California helps free wrongly convicted man
Posted: Jun 25, 2013SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - An innocent man is free from prison and cleared of all charges thanks to the Innocence Project of California.
Uriah Courtney spent eight years in prison on kidnapping and sexual assault charges. DNA testing eventually proved he did not commit the crime.
During a press conference Tuesday, Courtney got emotional while talking about looking toward the future.
"I just can't look back. I've got to focus on my future. And be thankful, you know, for every day of freedom that I have. I made a decision when I was in county fighting my case that I wasn't going to be angry and bitter, you know, at anybody," he said.
The Innocence Project of California is run by the California Western School of Law here in San Diego.
To date, they've helped clear the names of more than 20 wrongly convicted people.

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