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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

HPV Vaccine Conversation

The Awkward-but-Important HPV Vaccine Conversation

Jun 11 2013
The Awkward-but-Important HPV Vaccine Conversation 
Why I changed my mind about vaccinating my kids—boys and girls.
Truth is (if you'll forgive my use of a conversation-starter favored by tweens and teens), I wasn't always a champion of the HPV vaccine. I did, however, eventually change my mind and had all four of my kids vaccinated.

As a number of recent studies show, I'm not alone. More parents are accepting the vaccine after learning about the long-term dangers of the human papillomavirus for both women and men, as Michael Douglas' recent admissions underscored. Though the focus was on girls during the vaccine's early years, insurance companies now routinely cover the cost of the vaccine for both girls and boys, my pediatrician told me.

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