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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dallas Willard wrote and taught like no one else

Dallas Willard, a Man from Another 'Time Zone'
He wrote and taught like no one else on the 'with-God life.'
John Ortberg

When Dallas Willard was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late summer of 2012, one of his reflections was: "I think that, when I die, it might be some time until I know it." Dallas was always saying things that would never occur to anyone else. He said that a person is a series of conscious experiences, and that for the one who trusts and follows Jesus, death itself has no power to interrupt this life. Jesus himself said that the one who trusts in him will not taste death.

He taught me to live into the rhythms of the Spirit.
Richard Foster

Exploring the reason for Christ's ascension into heaven.
Kevin P. Emmert

this is our city
Alongside all the moral arguments against gambling, it turns out casinos simply are a bad investment.
Aaron Renn

Seeking lives that steward our giftedness wisely and well.
Halee Gray Scott

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