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Monday, February 11, 2013

Fr. Fessio on Pope Benedict’s resignation

“Am I surprised? No. Was it unexpected? Yes. … I do believe the time of giants is going to be over temporarily.”
Today, Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., founder and editor of Ignatius Press (which publishes CWR), and Mark Brumley, president and CEO of Ignatius Press, sat down to discuss Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation, his legacy, and what the future may hold for his successor and for the Church. 

Father Fessio: “Am I surprised? No. Was it unexpected? Yes.”

Watch the full video:

Father Fessio: “He was a worthy successor to John Paul II and I’m sure we’ll have another worthy successor—except I do believe the time of giants is going to be over temporarily.

I lived through the golden age of theologians—people like Congar, Bouyer, de Lubac, von Balthasar, Ratzinger, Rahner. Those are real giants…we don’t have real successors for them. But we had John Paul II and Benedict, who took the riches of that theology and really applied it catechetically, liturgically. And I think we have enough to live on for several more decades. So we don’t need a brilliant, creative pope—if we get one, great, the Holy Spirit is able to do wonderful things. But if we get someone who will still be carrying on what’s been begun by John Paul II and Pope Benedict—especially in the appointment of bishops—I think the Church will be in a very strong position.”

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