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Monday, December 17, 2012

Christ United Presbyterian Church in South Park Has a New Pastor

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...From every nation,
from all tribes and peoples
and languages...

Revelation 7:9

Rev. Nathan Byrd Approved for Christ United Pastorate
Rev. Nathan Byrd (kneeling} was approved and installed by action of the Presbytery at the September meeting to become the designated pastor of Christ United Presbyterian Church of San Diego for a two year term. Rev. Byrd was also transferred from Grand Canyon Presbytery.

In 2000, Peoples Presbyterian Church Denver called Reverend Nathan Byrd as its installed pastor. Reverend Byrd was young, energetic, and enthusiastic to try and support new concepts and ministries. But, his tenure was to be short. Reverend Byrd, a reserve officer in the United States Army, was called to active service shortly after the war in Iraq began. Following his first stint in active service, Reverend Byrd returned to Peoples for a short period before being called back into active duty. Reverend Byrd left Peoples in 2004.

Nathan became the pastor at Christ United Presbyterian Church in October 2012.  He looks forward to being part of a community.  Having grown up in diverse settings in New Jersey, Nathan appreciates the vibrancy and dynamism that are present in the church's South Park Neighborhood.

After graduating from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1994, Nathan served churches in North Carolina, New Jersey, Colorado, Arizona and now California.  He retires from the Army Reserve in June 2014.  He holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Reserve, and completed one tour to Iraq.

Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife of 17 years, watching football, listening to music from around the world, following international relations, as well as traveling to countries off the beaten path.   He makes constant references to his two life-changing trips to Ethiopia.

Nathan hopes to serve Christ United and San Diego in a way that will enable more people to know the love of God, the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit as people of the 21st century. 

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