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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Barna Report Hispanic America Available Now

Hipanic Microsite
Understand One of the Fastest Growing Audiences in America
Hispanics represent nearly one out of every six adults in the U.S. today and projections show this number continuing to grow. With these shifting demographics in mind, Barna Group recently launched Barna: Hispanics, where you'll find key findings and analysis on topics such as:
The Faith of Hispanics
Faith and religion—primarily Christianity—remain strong influences on millions of Hispanics, but they are a group in spiritual transition. Barna: Hispanics explores a variety of faith-related topics, including the growing influence of charismatic streams on both Protestant and Catholic Hispanic traditions and a breakdown of faith by various demographics.

Social Views and Concerns
Many issues are on Hispanics' minds, from education and employment to immigration and the dissolution of families. However, Hispanic's primary concerns change dramatically from generation to generation—and their priorities depend on how long they have lived in the U.S.

Families and Hispanic Youth
Hispanics place a high value on family, naming it as the most significant contribution Latinos make to American society today. Additionally, the perceived challenges facing their children often drive energy and frustration within Hispanic communities, which end up driving political and social agendas.

The Role of the Bible
The site examines the influence of the Bible on Hispanics' daily life. In many ways the Hispanic community maintains favorable attitudes and beliefs about the Bible, but often have limited engagement with the Scripture, even among committed Christians.

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