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Thursday, July 5, 2012


July 2012

Code of Ethics for Pastors
Ethical success or failure can make or break a pastor’s ministry. The NAE put together a team of ethicists, pastors and denominational leaders to develop a professional ethical guideline for pastors. The NAE Code of Ethics for Pastors is the result. The Code has already been signed by leading evangelical pastors, including Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Tim Keller, Max Lucado and John Ortberg, among others. Consider signing and living these standards. (read more)

Can Pastors be Restored After Adultery?
Almost all evangelical Christian leaders, including denominational heads, agree that a pastor guilty of adultery can be restored to a pastoral position. Only 5 percent said that adultery would disqualify one from ever holding another pastoral position. (read more)

Who Defines Marriage?
Take a look at a 2004 piece written by NAE President Leith Anderson on the definition of marriage. Still relevant today! (read more)

Evangelical Immigration Table
The NAE joined the Southern Baptist Convention, Sojourners and several other organizations in launching a combined effort to advance a immigration reform message and strategy while building consensus in the pews. The Table published an ad in POLITICO listing 150 evangelical leaders, including Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly, who endorsed the Table’s principles. (read more)

Solitary Confinement in Prisons and Jails
Ninety-five percent of those incarcerated in state prisons will re-enter society. Yet those in solitary confinement do not have access to human interaction or transitional programs. Galen Carey, NAE Vice President for Government Relations, wrote to the Senate Judiciary Committee urging them to promote the human dignity of prisoners while ensuring prison security. (read more)

Member Spotlight: The Navigators
The Navigators, a wide reaching and multi-faceted ministry, desire to help others know and grow in Christ as they “navigate” through life. The Waldo Canyon Fire threatened its U.S. headquarters in June. The Navigators have established a special fund to help them respond quickly to needs created by the crisis. (read more)

Article Spotlight: Billy Graham Takes His Crusades, Conversions Online 
Associated Press – The remarkable success of evangelist Billy Graham’s Crusades for Christ did not come from his preaching alone, but also from the immense amount of preparation and follow-up that went into planning each revival. Now the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is taking that experience and harnessing it to save souls through the Internet… (read more)

Event Spotlight: Denver 2012 Leadership Consultation
The Mission America’s annual Leadership Consultation will be held Oct. 29-31. A diverse line-up of high-impact leaders in all areas of evangelism and missions will offer distinct perspectives around the table, from the microphone, and in the afternoon affinity consultations. (read more)

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