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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


June 2012

Israel Trips Common for Evangelical Leaders
Three out of four evangelical leaders have been to Israel. Many have visited several times. Some have led group tours of Israel. “Evangelicals love Israel because we love the Bible,” said Leith Anderson, NAE President. (read more)

Towards a Robust Arms Trade Treaty
Thousands are killed each year by weapons that are sold, transferred by governments or diverted to unscrupulous regimes, criminals and terrorist groups. In July, there is an opportunity to negotiate a robust Arms Trade Treaty. Galen Carey, NAE Vice President for Government Relations, along with others, encouraged the President to seize the historic opportunity. (read more)

Conflict Minerals: Gold & the 3 Ts
Gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten (the 3 Ts) are mined in eastern Congo and are in all consumer electronics products. Armed groups earn hundreds of millions of dollars every year by trading these minerals, and they fight, murder and rape innocent civilians to control the mines. Rules for companies that purchase these minerals are in the works. (read more)

Prison Rape Elimination Standards Issued
The NAE welcomes the long-delayed national standards, issued in May by the Department of Justice, to end sexual abuse in U.S. correctional facilities. Prison rape should never be a part of one’s sentence. (read more)

NAE Fellowship
The NAE Fellow for Evangelical Engagement is a one year internship in evangelical civic engagement open to recent grads, those wanting a mid-career sabbatical, and early retirees who want to finish strong. (read more)

World Relief Receives Award
The Ethiopian Community Development Council, one of nine resettlement agencies, recognized World Relief for its commitment to advocate on behalf of African refugees and its exceptional services to newly arriving refugees. We know how wonderful the work of World Relief is. It’s great to see others praising it as well. (learn more about World Relief)

Member Spotlight: Teen Mania Ministries
Teen Mania Ministries, known for Acquire the Fire conferences and overseas missions trips, was shaken last month by a plane crash that resulted in four deaths and serious burn injuries for Hannah Luce, daughter of Teen Mania’s founder. Join us in praying for the families of those who died, for Hannah’s healing, and for the continuing ministry of Teen Mania. (read more)

Article Spotlight: The Fight for Egypt
Christianity Today – To see how Egypt's revolution has changed the lives of its 8 million Copts (Egyptian Christians), walk one block from its epicenter: Tahrir Square…Here sits the largest evangelical Arabic-speaking church in the world – 6,000-member Kasr El Dobara (KDEC). (read more)

Event Spotlight: NAE Chaplains & Spouses Retreat
This year’s retreat, Binding Up the Wounds, will focus on the importance of chaplains’ ministry in the care and recovery of families torn by combat injury and loss. Please pray for our chaplains as they meet to encourage one another and tackle these challenges in San Antonio Aug. 2-5. (read more)

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