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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Ten Commandments in the classroom

Are we actually in the middle of a generosity crisis?
Vox: Charitable giving in the US is down. But generosity goes beyond dollars.

Christian billionaire found guilty of massive Wall Street fraud*
Christianity Today: In a case that alluded to the investor’s faith, a federal jury convicted Bill Hwang of market manipulation and defrauding banks.

How a perfect storm sent church insurance rates skyrocketing
Religion News Service: The same factors that have caused a crisis in the homeowner’s insurance market are also affecting churches, who have to choose between paying for insurance or running programs.

America’s new Catholic priests: Young, confident and conservative*
The New York Times: In an era of deep divisions in the church, newly ordained priests overwhelmingly lean right in their theology, practices and politics.

Ten Commandments in the classroom hinders religious freedom for all including Christians*
The Tennessean: Mandating the display of the 10 Commandments in classroom hurts religious freedoms established in the constitution and impedes on Christian morals.

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