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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

What the Methodist split tells us about America

What the Methodist split tells us about America
Vox: A separation of church and church.

Loving both cars and Jesus: Delaware race ministry enjoying ‘best year yet’
Religion Unplugged: Delaware Raceway Ministry is running strong after 31 years. And though the ministry techniques have evolved, the emphasis remains the same: sowing seeds, building relationships and sharing Jesus.

Shunned for centuries, Vodou grows powerful as Haitians seek solace from unrelenting gang violence
Associated Press: Shunned publicly by politicians and intellectuals for centuries, Vodou is transforming into a more powerful and accepted religion across Haiti, where its believers were once persecuted.

Drugs, sacraments or medicine? Psychedelic churches blur the line.*
The New York Times: Organizations that describe themselves as churches are providing psychedelics to followers. The compounds, which show promise as treatments for depression, are illegal in most settings.

2024 is the year of the hyper-religious indie game
The Gamer: Indie games are appropriating Catholic iconography or including religious themes.

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