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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Uniting the United Methodist Church

Uniting the United Methodist Church*
The Assembly: The church’s General Conference, which concluded last week in Charlotte, was the first test of whether the remaining members can forge a new path on same-sex marriage, lesbian and gay clergy and international accord.

Southern Baptists, losing members, find solace in baptisms and better attendance
Religion News Service: While membership in the nation’s largest Protestant denomination is down, participation in worship and baptisms went up in 2023. But a new statistical report found that many Southern Baptist Convention churches do little to address sexual abuse.

Abortion opponents claim they can reverse medication abortion, drawing legal challenges in three states
Baptist News Global: While America’s attention is on the legal battle over continued access to two pills used in medication abortions, a fresh battle is brewing over a controversial protocol alleged to reverse the effects of the abortion pills.

Artists created images of Christ that focused not on historical accuracy but on reflecting different communities − a scholar of religious history explains
The Conversation: Throughout history, artists created images of Christ that would speak to different communities.

Speaking in two tongues*
The Christian Century: Growing up bilingual primed me to see the gifts offered at Babel and Pentecost.

After vote to repeal LGBTQ bans, many gay Methodists are now fully out
Religion News Service: On the first Sunday after the conclusion of the denomination’s General Conference, many queer United Methodists celebrated their release from the tight and narrow spaces that had confined them.

The number of religious ‘nones’ has soared, but not the number of atheists
The Conversation: There is diversity in how religiously unaffiliated individuals identify themselves. When asked their religion on surveys, unaffiliated responses include “agnostic,” “no religion,” “nothing in particular,” “none” and so on.

Abortion views in all 50 states
PRRI: Republicans and Democrats are deeply divided on abortion, with a 50-point gap between them.

Let the neurodivergent children come to me*
Christianity Today: Gentle parenting is one tool to train up children who have disabilities with love and wisdom.

Meet the Vatican Swiss Guards ready to sacrifice their lives for the pope
The Guardian: The world’s smallest army, which is preparing to swear in its latest recruits, has in the past engaged in ferocious battles.

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