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Friday, May 10, 2024

How faith leaders can get a grasp on the mental health crisis

Union Theological Seminary trustees endorse divestment from ‘companies profiting from the war in Palestine’
Columbia Spectator: The institution is one of the first in the United States to announce plans to divest from such companies.

How faith leaders can get a grasp on the mental health crisis
Religion News Service: Clergy can’t solve every congregant’s mental health problem, but we can be a conduit of information and help.

Candidate for SBC president stirs a storm by saying sexual abuse cases are a ‘distraction’
Baptist News Global: Critics pounced when David Allen, a seminary preaching professor, called those lawsuits a “distraction” from the gospel imperative.

Lesley Hazleton, writer who tackled religion and fast cars, dies at 78
The New York Times: Born in England and raised Jewish, she became agnostic, writing books about her own lack of faith, the prophet Muhammad and her time as a car columnist.

Haitian aid workers worry American Christians donors could worsen crisis
Religion News Service: A network of five humanitarian organizations is working to convince American faith-based donors to shift their support away from funding for orphanages to focus on family-strengthening initiatives.

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